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James Dyson.

You may not be familiar with the name but for sure will own one or two of his products. Mr. Dyson is responsible for the invention of many household items but is most well known for the famous and legendary bag-less vacuum cleaners.

Once in an interview Dyson was asked how he gets inspiration for his innovations, to which he replied “Act on Frustrations…set out to solve problems that frustrate you”.

With this in mind, here are five innovations that were birth through someone’s frustration.

All the men of this world are thanking the creators for this genius invention. No more pressure nor need to use their beloved jacket as a seat cover to impress their date.


With Auckland’s schizophrenic weather, we’re often contemplating whether to chug along our cumbersome umbrella or not. Well fear no more, this inside out umbrella bag has got your back.


Frustrated Man Putting Together Self Assembly Furniture Stock Photo - 31009837

How many times have you found yourself looking like the dude above? Puzzled, frazzled, stressed. Truth is no amount of instructions help when one is a complete DIY-noob. Even if it appears that you are making progress, you realize that you are missing a piece or have an additional piece left. Frustrating to say the least.

Fortunately, some businesses understand that not everyone is DIY savvy or has the patience of a saint. To all those that belong in this cohort, try this ⇓

Based on a cube, this innovative furniture needs no tools to build with its wide range of interchangeable joints and panels. Units can be easily dismantled to produce a new design or assembled in an earlier design, truly living up to the slogan “limited parts, unlimited possibilities”.

To view items click the following link 


Who said spritzing was limited to perfumes and pepper spray? Now you can ensure even distribution of zest in to your greens for maximum salad satisfaction. 

Though this has not be implemented in the real world yet, it most definitely will eliminate a lot of frustration, particularly for the less seasoned drivers.

In a world where there is a product that caters to every human need and desire, it is become increasingly difficult to come up with innovations that have an appreciable impact on people’s lives. Though none of the above items are ground breaking or life changing, they do provide a benefit to our daily lives albeit mild.


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