“Malleable” Monitor Risers


What does your current desktop look like…. Does it resemble anything like the above?

Although the resourcefulness deserves a standing ovation, we can all agree this is not the most aesthetically pleasing display for one’s office.

In a world where there is a product that caters to almost every human need and desire, you would think a decent range of monitor stands would exist – A quick google search suggests that this is simply not the case.

Though there is nothing wrong with D-I- Y-ing monitor risers, for those seeking a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing monitor stand, please read on.

In today’s blog, we would like to introduce you to the Cubics 475 Monitor Stand:

This is by far the most in demand monitor stand here at decoisland.

It appeals to a wide range of consumers due to its compatibility with most reputable brands such as Apple Imac. Furthermore, keyboards can be sheltered beneath the monitor riser, allowing for additional desktop space all the while ensuring less exposure to dusts, crumbs and other unwanted dirty guests.

“Malleable Monitor Riser”: The lego like structure allows one to extend the monitor base should the need arise. It can of course be just as easily  dismantled.

Might we also add that it is one of the more affordable stands at decoisland
And lucky for you, the Cubics 475 Monitor Stand just got a little bit more affordable.


In July, decoisland is offering a promotion on all monitor stands. We are slashing a generous 10% off all monitor stands.

Simply use the coupon code “thank you” when checking out on monitor stand purchases. Sale will last only for the month of July, so whether you are buying for your personal desk or office – act quick!

DESKMonitor Stand


Click  decoisland to view the entire monitor stand range – Happy shopping!




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