Safety – The #1 Concern For Parents

Last week, a parent’s worst nightmare occurred.

A 22 month year old’s life tragically ended after being toppled by an IKEA MALM dresser. Unfortunately this was not the first tragedy linked to IKEA’s furniture -in July 2015 there had been two identical instances that eventually resulted in the death of two children.

In an attempt to save face, the furniture giant house IKEA has acknowledged the shortcomings of their chests and drawers and accordingly recalled 29 million units.

Public opinion on this recent debacle has been polarizing. Some laying blame on the parents who failed to anchor the drawers as explicitly instructed, while others voiced that ultimately IKEA should be liable for not contemplating all potentially perilous scenarios.

Here is a short coverage by ABC news:

Unfortunately unanchored drawers is not the only way a child’s safety can be at risk.

For this reason, DecoIsland has been extra meticulous when engineering our products. Here are some factors we have taken into consideration:

All CUBICS pieces are round corner shaped. This is a much safer alternative than pieces with protruding sharp edges that can potentially injure your child.

All CUBICS pieces are free of formaldehyde and 100% toxin free. Most MDF (Medium Density Fibre board) furniture items utilize high levels of formaldehyde which can imbue mild ailments such as asthma, eczema and in extreme circumstances high exposure can negatively interfere with a child’s development. This is such an important issue for parents, weeks ago we dedicated an entire post on it. You can read it here.



[CUBICS] DRAWER (MULTI DRAWER 2-4):  The fabric compartments allow for organised storage meanwhile concealing mountains of toys and stationery that would otherwise look cluttered. The rounded edges are much safer than sharp edges and also makes it much more challenging for children to  climb and cling. Click here to browse this product further.

[CUBICS] DINOSAUR BOOKCASE AND SHELVING UNIT:  As children grow up toy shelves soon become book shelves. The lego like structure allows for additional cubes to be adjoined allowing further shelving for all those studious children. Available here.



The animal wall shelves can also be mounted to the wall. Allowing for storage and additional room space.

If there is any good to come from this recent tragedy, it would be that along with other furniture businesses, IKEA will most likely be rigorously reviewing the safety of their product range. It also serves as an important reminder in the power of the consumer’s voice. Once IKEA realized the third incident was gaining much negative publicity, they finally made the costly but necessary decision to recall all 29 million units. Though this is a step in the right direction, we hope that IKEA (and all other manufacturers) focus their efforts on preventing such tragedies.



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