A Real Pain In The Neck

Though the video illustrates an exaggerated version of our current reality, there is no denying that the crux of it embodies an element of truth.

Smartphones and computers have become much more than a mere messaging device. It’s where we check for news updates, log our calorie intakes, play our music,  seek entertainment and ask Siri for directions. No wonder we are buried in these devices 24/7. As a society we are aware of the negative health implications this lifestyle brings – obesity being the most quoted ailment.

A malady that does not receive as much attention but should is the Turtle Neck Syndrome. In the video above, all bypassing individuals have one thing in common. Their necks are stretched out like a turtle and are tilting down, giving their phones undivided attention. The problem is not so much with the positioning of the neck but with the prolonged period in which one remains in that position.

Furthermore, the problem with any neck ailment is that it affects neighboring areas.  For example, those who suffer from Turtle Neck Syndrome also experience fatigue in the their back and shoulders and in extreme cases develop serious disc and spine diseases.

Thankfully, the Turtle Neck Syndrome is reversible and most importantly preventable with some minor adjustments to your daily life.

Sitting down for an extended period of time causes you to move your neck forward unconsciously: Frequent bursts of movement and stretching can remind our bodies to be conscious of our posture.

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For students and office workers: Don’t try to adjust yourself to your computer. Instead invest in a quality monitor stand that levels the computer to a comfortable eye level without the need to hunch or extend your neck.

As the video shows, the height of the monitor stands can be reconfigured to the individual’s preference. Now a monitor stand does not make one immune to the Turtle Neck Syndrome but it does help prevent our neck from unconsciously extending forward.

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