CUBICS – The New Way To Furniture

Labyrinth like manuals, back and forth calls with the supplier, screwing and unscrewing… the experience of assembling a flat pack furniture can be an absolute emotional roller coaster.

In fact, a Santa Monica based psychologist is using DIY flat packs as a communication exercise tool after learning how much the assembling experience can test even the strongest of relationships.

If you are reading this blog and will soon have to confront the harrowing experience of assembling a flat pack with another individual – be it, your significant other, mother, brother, friend or foe…the DecoIsland team would like to help you out.

As you can see from the above, DecoIsland furniture pieces have been engineered with all the traditional DIY predicaments in mind. Assembling a DecoIsland CUBICS requires no tools and little brain power, meaning it’s safe for young children to partake in the DIY process.

For individuals, who despise anything remotely involving DIY, obviously the best option would be to purchase a ready made furniture. The beauty about our  CUBICS pieces is that it allows customers the flexibility of re-configuring their furniture to suit their needs, (something that is inherently impossible with ready made furniture) -whilst assembling it is nowhere near as difficult as a traditional flat pack furniture.

It’s time to ditch the outdated flat pack DIY furniture often found at major retailers. Come join us at DecoIsland for more affordable, tool-less and easy to assemble furniture.


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