Come Meet Us At The Baby Show Expo!


The Baby Show is New Zealand’s biggest and best parenting exhibition held annually at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds. It’s a place where expectant and seasoned parents are guaranteed access to the latest “all things baby” innovations and essential parenting products, free all day entertainment, amazing deals and freebies – just an all round fun yet information rich event.

Here is a little snippet of the Baby Show expo:

DecoIsland will also be partaking in this fantastic event from August 19th (Friday) to August 21st (Sunday). We will be located at booth M 14 in Hall 2.

Be sure to swing by and chat with our representatives who will be there to guide you through our product line and of course to answer any questions you may have in regards to our products. We will be there to show case all our products with a very touch and feel approach!

Not only that, we are holding an exclusive deal at the Baby Show. That’s right. All customers who pop by and make a purchase will be gifted a Waterproof Thermal Baby Bags Set.

Be sure to mark the dates. We hope to see you there and introduce your family to our safe and child-friendly furniture range!

CUBICS – The New Way To Furniture

Labyrinth like manuals, back and forth calls with the supplier, screwing and unscrewing… the experience of assembling a flat pack furniture can be an absolute emotional roller coaster.

In fact, a Santa Monica based psychologist is using DIY flat packs as a communication exercise tool after learning how much the assembling experience can test even the strongest of relationships.

If you are reading this blog and will soon have to confront the harrowing experience of assembling a flat pack with another individual – be it, your significant other, mother, brother, friend or foe…the DecoIsland team would like to help you out.

As you can see from the above, DecoIsland furniture pieces have been engineered with all the traditional DIY predicaments in mind. Assembling a DecoIsland CUBICS requires no tools and little brain power, meaning it’s safe for young children to partake in the DIY process.

For individuals, who despise anything remotely involving DIY, obviously the best option would be to purchase a ready made furniture. The beauty about our  CUBICS pieces is that it allows customers the flexibility of re-configuring their furniture to suit their needs, (something that is inherently impossible with ready made furniture) -whilst assembling it is nowhere near as difficult as a traditional flat pack furniture.

It’s time to ditch the outdated flat pack DIY furniture often found at major retailers. Come join us at DecoIsland for more affordable, tool-less and easy to assemble furniture.

A Real Pain In The Neck

Though the video illustrates an exaggerated version of our current reality, there is no denying that the crux of it embodies an element of truth.

Smartphones and computers have become much more than a mere messaging device. It’s where we check for news updates, log our calorie intakes, play our music,  seek entertainment and ask Siri for directions. No wonder we are buried in these devices 24/7. As a society we are aware of the negative health implications this lifestyle brings – obesity being the most quoted ailment.

A malady that does not receive as much attention but should is the Turtle Neck Syndrome. In the video above, all bypassing individuals have one thing in common. Their necks are stretched out like a turtle and are tilting down, giving their phones undivided attention. The problem is not so much with the positioning of the neck but with the prolonged period in which one remains in that position.

Furthermore, the problem with any neck ailment is that it affects neighboring areas.  For example, those who suffer from Turtle Neck Syndrome also experience fatigue in the their back and shoulders and in extreme cases develop serious disc and spine diseases.

Thankfully, the Turtle Neck Syndrome is reversible and most importantly preventable with some minor adjustments to your daily life.

Sitting down for an extended period of time causes you to move your neck forward unconsciously: Frequent bursts of movement and stretching can remind our bodies to be conscious of our posture.

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For students and office workers: Don’t try to adjust yourself to your computer. Instead invest in a quality monitor stand that levels the computer to a comfortable eye level without the need to hunch or extend your neck.

As the video shows, the height of the monitor stands can be reconfigured to the individual’s preference. Now a monitor stand does not make one immune to the Turtle Neck Syndrome but it does help prevent our neck from unconsciously extending forward.

Our 10% July promotion on monitor stands is ongoing till the end of July*. Please do not forget to use the coupon code “Thank you” when checking out!



Safety – The #1 Concern For Parents

Last week, a parent’s worst nightmare occurred.

A 22 month year old’s life tragically ended after being toppled by an IKEA MALM dresser. Unfortunately this was not the first tragedy linked to IKEA’s furniture -in July 2015 there had been two identical instances that eventually resulted in the death of two children.

In an attempt to save face, the furniture giant house IKEA has acknowledged the shortcomings of their chests and drawers and accordingly recalled 29 million units.

Public opinion on this recent debacle has been polarizing. Some laying blame on the parents who failed to anchor the drawers as explicitly instructed, while others voiced that ultimately IKEA should be liable for not contemplating all potentially perilous scenarios.

Here is a short coverage by ABC news:

Unfortunately unanchored drawers is not the only way a child’s safety can be at risk.

For this reason, DecoIsland has been extra meticulous when engineering our products. Here are some factors we have taken into consideration:

All CUBICS pieces are round corner shaped. This is a much safer alternative than pieces with protruding sharp edges that can potentially injure your child.

All CUBICS pieces are free of formaldehyde and 100% toxin free. Most MDF (Medium Density Fibre board) furniture items utilize high levels of formaldehyde which can imbue mild ailments such as asthma, eczema and in extreme circumstances high exposure can negatively interfere with a child’s development. This is such an important issue for parents, weeks ago we dedicated an entire post on it. You can read it here.



[CUBICS] DRAWER (MULTI DRAWER 2-4):  The fabric compartments allow for organised storage meanwhile concealing mountains of toys and stationery that would otherwise look cluttered. The rounded edges are much safer than sharp edges and also makes it much more challenging for children to  climb and cling. Click here to browse this product further.

계속 읽기

“Malleable” Monitor Risers


What does your current desktop look like…. Does it resemble anything like the above?

Although the resourcefulness deserves a standing ovation, we can all agree this is not the most aesthetically pleasing display for one’s office.

In a world where there is a product that caters to almost every human need and desire, you would think a decent range of monitor stands would exist – A quick google search suggests that this is simply not the case.

Though there is nothing wrong with D-I- Y-ing monitor risers, for those seeking a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing monitor stand, please read on.

In today’s blog, we would like to introduce you to the Cubics 475 Monitor Stand:

This is by far the most in demand monitor stand here at decoisland.

It appeals to a wide range of consumers due to its compatibility with most reputable brands such as Apple Imac. Furthermore, keyboards can be sheltered beneath the monitor riser, allowing for additional desktop space all the while ensuring less exposure to dusts, crumbs and other unwanted dirty guests.

“Malleable Monitor Riser”: The lego like structure allows one to extend the monitor base should the need arise. It can of course be just as easily  dismantled.

Might we also add that it is one of the more affordable stands at decoisland
And lucky for you, the Cubics 475 Monitor Stand just got a little bit more affordable.


In July, decoisland is offering a promotion on all monitor stands. We are slashing a generous 10% off all monitor stands.

Simply use the coupon code “thank you” when checking out on monitor stand purchases. Sale will last only for the month of July, so whether you are buying for your personal desk or office – act quick!

DESKMonitor Stand


Click  decoisland to view the entire monitor stand range – Happy shopping!



Convenience By Design

James Dyson.

You may not be familiar with the name but for sure will own one or two of his products. Mr. Dyson is responsible for the invention of many household items but is most well known for the famous and legendary bag-less vacuum cleaners.

Once in an interview Dyson was asked how he gets inspiration for his innovations, to which he replied “Act on Frustrations…set out to solve problems that frustrate you”.

With this in mind, here are five innovations that were birth through someone’s frustration.

All the men of this world are thanking the creators for this genius invention. No more pressure nor need to use their beloved jacket as a seat cover to impress their date.


With Auckland’s schizophrenic weather, we’re often contemplating whether to chug along our cumbersome umbrella or not. Well fear no more, this inside out umbrella bag has got your back.


Frustrated Man Putting Together Self Assembly Furniture Stock Photo - 31009837

How many times have you found yourself looking like the dude above? Puzzled, frazzled, stressed. Truth is no amount of instructions help when one is a complete DIY-noob. Even if it appears that you are making progress, you realize that you are missing a piece or have an additional piece left. Frustrating to say the least.

Fortunately, some businesses understand that not everyone is DIY savvy or has the patience of a saint. To all those that belong in this cohort, try this ⇓

Based on a cube, this innovative furniture needs no tools to build with its wide range of interchangeable joints and panels. Units can be easily dismantled to produce a new design or assembled in an earlier design, truly living up to the slogan “limited parts, unlimited possibilities”.

To view items click the following link 


Who said spritzing was limited to perfumes and pepper spray? Now you can ensure even distribution of zest in to your greens for maximum salad satisfaction. 

Though this has not be implemented in the real world yet, it most definitely will eliminate a lot of frustration, particularly for the less seasoned drivers.

In a world where there is a product that caters to every human need and desire, it is become increasingly difficult to come up with innovations that have an appreciable impact on people’s lives. Though none of the above items are ground breaking or life changing, they do provide a benefit to our daily lives albeit mild.

Innovate or Be Left Behind

The rather obnoxious quote above belongs to none other than Mr Henry Ford, a trailblazer and entrepreneur who revolutionized the manufacturing industry.

As obnoxious as the quote may seem, it was very true during that era. But boy have times have changed,. In a market teeming with competition, never has the customer had so much purchasing power and never has the saying “customer is always right” rung so true. This has forced many innovators and entrepreneurs to up their game and create products that go above and beyond mediocrity.

Let’s stop and see what kind of ingenuities have been introduced as of late!

A whisk that will go from balloon-style to flat with a simple turn of the handle.

How many times have you tried to squeeze your whisk in the kitchen drawer with no avail?

Well, fear no more. You can now purchase a whisk that will go from balloon-style to flat with a simple turn of the handle. Genius.


Wall shelves  that can act as wall art and an abode for our furry friends. Products available from DecoIsland.



A stool that doubles as a mini circular table. Ideal for camping when one must pack minimally and strategically.


A bike seater that transforms into a very very vertical stroller.

A  Russian matryoshka doll-esque storage unit – but a seat version. A fantastic way to store and declutter your room.

As this list shows, in this day and age businesses must study consumer needs, habits, lifestyles and rigorously innovate if they wish to compete in the market.






Furniture Fun Facts and Trivia

For today’s insert we thought we’d stray away from our usual info-dense blogs  and post something much more light-hearted.

So, here at DecoIsland we present you a listicle of did-you-knows pertaining to furniture!

  • Many moons ago, chairs with “backs” were reserved for those at the top of the hierarchy  while peasants had to be seated in backless chairs known as stools.
  • Believe it or not, the modern day wheely chair was birthed by Mr Charles Darwin. In order to transport his specimens faster and more easily, he added two wheels to the base of his chair.
  • The word chair came from ‘cathedra’, a Latin word meaning ‘sit’ and ‘down’.
  • For many, furniture is the third most expensive purchase a person will make.
  • The furniture giant Ikea is named after the initials of its founder, Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, the farm on which grew up and Agunnaryd, the nearby village.


And last but not least, as per below there is a massive sale happening here at DecoIsland. We’ve got you covered from drawers, entertaining tables and our signature cubics shelves. Hurry as the flash ends this coming Friday!

Flash Sale






The Correlation Between Work space and Employee Morale

The average hour a “9 to 5er” spends stuck to their desk is 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, which then translates to a whopping 1920 hours per year.

That’s a heck of a lot of time for anyone to be spending their hours in one particular place.

Today’s blog was actually inspired by Mr Zuckerberg’s recent Facebook post. Though this is not something he mentions below, it is well-known that such an open culture existed even at the genesis of Facebook where the HQ hosted a mere 20 employees. In his caption you can sense he is very proud of this culture he continues to cultivate.


Of course, this isn’t anything revolutionary. Many other organisations small or big are shying away from traditional cubicle layouts and embracing the idea of an open work culture – both figuratively and literally. It’s kind of the new “hip” thing and serves another way in which employers can attract talented employees. Recent studies from the University of Texas show that the internal aesthetics of a company is an important factor prospective employees consider when applying for jobs, especially for young business professionals just entering the job market.

What’s more and more importantly, studies showed that the internal architecture of the office all the way to the office’s colour scheme had a profound impact on employee morale and in turn their productivity.

So without further ado, we share our top tips and tricks in creating a fantastic work environment.


How people perceive colour varies based on their culture and life experiences. However, there are some generalizations about how color is likely to be perceived and therefore companies can strategically use colour to provoke certain behaviors and feelings.

  • The colour blue is known to have a calming effect, promoting mental control and creative thinking.
  • Lighter colors help to reflect light through the space and increase the amount of natural light.

You can  also use colour as a design to technique to change the character of office space.



  • Adjustable furniture such as adjustable chairs, task lights, sit-to-stand desks and keyboard trays are great as individuals can adjust their work spaces to meet their needs.

    DECOISLAND: Book Shelf/ Baby Whale Different size of pipes, leg cap and cover allow one to create various designs to suit space and needs.

  • Equip employees with tools and technologies that encourage mobility in the workplace. Laptops and mobile devices allow workers to easily move between desks or rooms and still make a call.
  • Believe or not, some individuals prefer working upright in a vertical position, they feel less slouchy and more alert. It would be great to have work desks that cater to this preference.


After reading all of this you may be thinking this is all futile effort, at least in comparison to the benefits gained. But we must remember that humans are incredibly complex creatures, they need specific cues, incentives and environments to work efficiently. Fortunately there are many ways in which this can be achieved, starting from something as simple as sprucing up the infrastructure of your work space.